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Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, in the continent of South America has an impressive altitude of 6961 m. Located in Argentina near its border with Chile, Aconcagua is part of the Andes Mountain. With its name derived from the native language of the Inca Civilization, the mountain is also believed to have its origins in Volcanic Activity, however, it is not an active volcano.  


The first summit to Aconcagua was attempted in 1883, but it remained unsuccessful. The first successful ascent was then made by a Swiss mountaineer, Matthias Zurbriggen in 1897. 


Many aspiring mountaineers attempt Mt. Aconcagua via the Normal Route, which is a non-technical climb. But, what needs to be noted is Altitude Sickness, Storms and Extreme temperatures are always prevalent in high altitudes.

Max. Altitude 6961 m
Trip Grade Moderate
Best Seasons Summer, Spring, Autumn
Group Size 8-15 Person

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